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Boomstars - Children's Entertainment

Boomstars are Australia’s latest sensation in children’s entertainment. They are Talia Monaghan, Charlotte Hale, Elyse Harby and Joshua Dal Santo, four exciting artists who specialise in performing original fun songs and high energy DANCE CRAZES designed for young audience interaction. Occasionally they’re joined by friends Natalie DiGiglio and Hector the Lion.

Boomstars tour nationally with concerts that are jam-packed with action, providing loads of entertainment for children aged 2 to 8 years and their families.

Concerts for Kids

Get ready to move your feet to the Boomstar beat, cos it’s Showtime! Each concert is action packed - the kids shake it up, shout it out and love every minute. Boomstar's young concert audiences around Australia delight in doing the Platypusmania! They’re amazed by Josh’s moonwalk, robot moves and street dancing while the girls have them singing along to the catchy tunes.

The kids scream from the top of their lungs with magical phrases and chants as they sing and dance along. Boomstars stories are more than fun lyrics - they are accompanied by very clever choreography, keeping their young audience fascinated and entertained every minute. Children across Australia are loving Boomstars concerts and leaving all revved up and singing all the way home!

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Video Productions

Kids, if you can't get to one of our concerts you can enjoy a selection of Boomstars video clips that we've published on YouTube especially for you! These include some of our favourite dance tunes - Dancin’, Fantabulous and Zoo Walk, as well as an assortment of lyric videos for you to sing along to.

Boomstars were nominated for two Australian Independent Music awards for the 'Dancin’ video clip. Dancin' and some of our other singles including Zoo Walk, Sunny Side Up, Platypusmania, Christmas day and Fantabulous are all available on iTunes and at all major online music stores. Hope you enjoy dancing to our tunes kids!

Boomstars Merchandise

We have a great selection of Boomstars merchandise that you can purchase. Get dressed up for a Boomstars party at home or wear your favourite item to one of our concerts!

If you'd like to buy one of our products, you can place an order by contacting our Creative Director Ghita Prey via the phone number or email address listed below.

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Boomstars DVD   $15
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Bucket Hats   $15
boomstars cd
Here We Go CD   $10
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T shirts   $20

A Word from our Creative Director

Welcome to Boomstars! My name is Ghita Prey, I’m a professional songwriter and also the founder and Creative Director of the group. I’ve enjoyed an extensive songwriting career and I currently have songs published internationally by PA74 Music (Italy) and Metronome Music (UK).

Ghita Prey, Creative Director of Boomstars

I added children's genre to my songwriting repertoire during the 90's, where my songs were heard on popular children’s television shows such as ‘Aggro’s Cartoon Connection’, ‘The Music Shop’, ‘Book Worm’ and various morning shows. In 2021, two of my songs written for Boomstars, ‘Fantabulous’ and ‘Platypusmania’, won 1st and 2nd Prize respectively in the Voyagers Global Songwriting Awards. I also enjoyed success for other songs such as ‘Zoo Walk’ & ‘Amazing’. Credit to Richard Turner for his collaboration on some of the songs and producers Darren Mullen and Ant Elwell.

Thanks for interacting with Boomstars and I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy seeing us live in concert soon.

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